Crest Commercial offers both Project Leasing and Tenant Representation. We work with landlords to ensure that their properties have the appropriate mix of businesses for their location, and we work with tenants to make sure that their businesses find the optimal location.

Project Leasing

We work with landlords to find the right tenant mix that will make both their tenants and their properties a success. By taking the time to perform the tenant selection research upfront, we can ensure that both the needs of the property owners and the tenants are met.

Tenant Representation

At Crest Commercial, we are fiercely loyal to our tenants. We put our 18 years of service to work for you – working in your best interest. We take the time to get to know your business and your goals so that we may better help you find the right location to make cetain that your business is a success. We will spend time with you reviewing all of the terms on the lease in order to help you understand the terms and to assure that they fit with your business structure.

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