Our Team

Chase Mitchem - Agent

Chase Mitchem is currently a Senior at the University of Texas, pursuing a Marketing degree. He states this topic is universally important to all areas of business by expressing marketing as the gas of business engines. Chase Mitchem recieved his Real Estate license September 2018 with goals to build a reputation as an expert in Retail leasing here at Crest. He is already making an impact through being very personable, expressing the importance in making memorable relationships with people that are committed to creating value to their community. Chase believes a company’s success involves communicating and selling products or services through the involvement of promotion.

Starting 2014 Chase worked at his family commercial property construction company, where he obtained insight on the value and necessity of Real Estate. From then, he knew the industry entirely makes up a huge part of society, as it always will. His background in the industry and hard work ethic makes Chase a great attribute at CREST.